LGBT-Inclusive Companies Are Better at 3 Big Things

04 February 2016,   By

On Tuesday, Harvard Business Review published an article in their Talent Management topic segment that declared that “LGBT-Inclusive Companies Are Better at 3 Big Things.”

According to economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett and law professor Kenji Yoshino…

“LGBT inclusion is top of mind for the business community — and not just because it’s the right thing to do. The Center for Talent Innovation’s newest report, “Out in the World: Securing LGBT Rights in the Global Marketplace,” demonstrates that countering LGBT discrimination makes a corporation competitive on three fronts. Fostering an LGBT-inclusive workplace helps a company attract and retain top talent, woo and win critical consumer segments, and innovate for underserved markets.”

In short:

  1. LGBT-inclusive companies attract and retain top talent.
  2. LGBT-inclusive companies win the business and loyalty of discerning consumers.
  3. LGBT-inclusive companies harness the insight of LGBT employees to drive market innovation.




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