Podcast: Intersections Ep. 2 “From Will & Grace to Grace & Frankie”

29 February 2016,   By

The second episode of Intersections is up!  In this episode, guests Steve Greco and Aaron Roberts discuss how gay culture is changing as a result of mainstreaming and what that means for gay culture at large. Topics covered in the From Will & Grace to Grace & Frankie edition include:

1:20 — What is gay culture to you, and how would you define it?
11:45 — Selecting a heteronormative lifestyle
17:00 — Incorporation of gay cultural elements into the mainstream
22:20 — How LGBTQ anti-bullying initiatives changed the cultural climate
24:35 — Gay bars, how they have fostered gay culture, and whether they still do
35:30 — Inclusivity in media and recommendations


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