Target 10 and Johnson & Johnson Awarded ADCOLOR’s 2015 MVP Award

19 September 2015,   By

How has Johnson & Johnson®—with its global focus on “caring” and its many consumer brands—built an authentic, deep emotional connection with the LGBT community and its straight allies? The answer to that question is Care With Pride™.

Conceived by the LGBT agency Target 10™ and Johnson & Johnson®, Care With Pride™ is a multi-faceted campaign that connects with and supports the LGBT community. It engages employees, community leaders and consumers on issues that are key to the LGBT community’s health and wellness.

While Care With Pride™ has supported a range of LGBT issues such as marriage and family equality, most of the program’s attention has been focused on stemming the epidemic of bullying in schools. Nearly one in three students report being bullied during the school year. For LGBT youth, the situation is even more serious. Ninety percent are bullied at some point—some every day. The consequences can be long lasting, even devastating. It’s not kids being kids or a rite of passage. It’s a nightmare. Kids who are bullied experience real suffering that can interfere with their social and emotional development, academic performance, and in the most tragic cases it can lead to suicide.

Since 2012, the dedication and commitment to social change demonstrated by the professionals at Target 10™ and J&J has resulted in something wonderful and never seen before in the healthcare or marketing industries. Care With Pride™ is not a “one-and-done” LGBT Pride month print ad; it is a multi-layer, year-on-year commitment to J&J employees and the communities, families and individuals that the company serves. It encompasses diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, volunteerism, advertising, community service, government relations, retail partnerships, grassroots organizing and charitable fundraising.

Target 10™ and J&J are proud to report that by the end of 2015, Care With Pride™ will have raised more than $750,000 for LGBT non-profit organizations working to keep kids safe in schools and promoting equality for all LGBT people and families.


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