Our Challenge

OraQuick® is a revolutionary product. The first and only FDA-approved HIV self-test, OraQuick® allows consumers to test on one’s own terms whenever they want, without the planning, time and expense of a doctor's visit. However, most consumers were not aware of OraQuick® as a testing option and the brand had only a small marketing budget. Target 10's challenge was to raise brand awareness and promote the product’s unique benefits among gay men, the population most at-risk in the U.S., and do it in a way that stands out from 30+ years of messaging in the fight against HIV, much of which looks and feels the same.

Our Solution

Born from brand data and cultural insights came TREAT YOURSELF, a music video leveraged across influencers’ social platforms that presented testing with OraQuick® as an integral component to self-care through a vibrant, uniquely gay male perspective. The lyrics and video depict a charismatic influencer duo traveling through Columbus’s Short North, a pictureperfect gayborhood, and stopping into LGBTQ+ owned shops along the way to partake in activities that connect back to self-care. The journey concludes with a stop at a neighborhood drug store where OraQuick® is sold, reinforcing the message that OraQuick® is a product that can be administered at home, on one’s own terms. A variety of LGBTQ+ stakeholders from the local community were engaged in the development, production and promotion of the video, from the influencers to the shops to the LGBTQ+ health care center that housed the drug store. This community buy-in was instrumental in guaranteeing authenticity of message, which also led to these local individuals and businesses sharing the final product with their followers on social media.

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The Response

Shortly after its release, the video had been viewed 172,800 times; branded social posts resulted in 2.1M impressions with a 2.94% engagement rate. A paid partnership with SCRUFF produced 1.01M branded impressions / 309K unique views with a 2.28% CTR. Additionally, the video received press coverage in LGBTQ+ media. Collectively, the results far exceeded the goal we set for ourselves prior to launch. View the OraQuick® TREAT YOURSELF music video by clicking here!