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With over twenty years of expertise, Target 10 engages brands with one of the most vibrant and diverse communities in America – and the world. We apply deep LGBTQ+ consumer insights and cultural intelligence to strategy, marketing and creative, demonstrating to LGBTQ+ consumers that your brand “gets it and gets me.”

Creating opportunity and growth in the LGBTQ+ segment in ways that are creative, insightful and differentiated requires the right balance of smarts, connections and experience that only Target 10 can deliver. However, a question we often field is, “…but what kind of agency are you – a marketing agency, a consulting firm, or something else?”

The short answer: we’re both.

The longer answer: like other multicultural agencies, we are also segment marketing specialists and our exclusive area of focus is the LGBTQ+ community and all of its intersections thereof, estimated by Gallup to be over 7% of the population. By studying this incredibly diverse and complex community day in and day out we’re able to go beyond the limits our own personal identities to truly understand the insights, desires, struggles and dreams of all segments of the community. This results in our clients having the most robust, well-rounded view of their LGBTQ+ consumer target and marketing authentically connects.

We help brands...
Get smart on the segment and understand how to apply best practices
Identify which LGBTQ+ audience(s) offer the greatest opportunity/growth
Mine deep insights and infuse strategy with cultural intelligence and competency
Develop strategic plans that authentically connect with LGBTQ+ consumers
Generate creative platforms and "big ideas" for engaging LGBTQs
Collaborate with brands' general market agencies on inclusive
Plan & execute targeted campaigns
Identify & leverage connections between marketing and other corporate functions
A Different Kind of Agency
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20 years of pioneering work that tells LGBTQ+ stories, advances LGBTQ+ visibility and celebrates LGBTQ+ culture