Our Challenge

TYLENOL®, once the dominant adult analgesic, went from the category leader to a struggling brand with rapidly declining market share. The brand didn’t just lose consumers’ business – it lost their love. We were tasked with revitalizing the brand by infusing it with a sense of meaningful purpose that reflects the ways our consumers live today.

Our Solution

Touting products wasn’t going to reignite brand love. The opportunity was to revitalize the brand by infusing it with a sense of meaningful purpose that reflects the ways consumers live today and “how they family.” So with the Supreme Court decision around marriage equality looming and society questioning what defines a marriage, we sought to create a platform that celebrates what defines a family.

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The #HowWeFamily campaign involved TV, digital, social, public relations and influencer outreach. While families of all structures and compositions were profiled, critical to the campaign’s success was ensuring LGBTQ families were highly visible throughout. As such, Target 10 was an essential partner to the brand and our agency partners. We also negotiated strategic partnerships with LGBTQ advocacy organizations and worked hand-in-hand with the brand on its social activation. This included a strong stand in favor of marriage equality well before the Supreme Court ruling.

The Response

In only 3 months, the brand significantly improved key equity drivers across the entire TYLENOL® portfolio. All performance benchmarks exceeded ingoing goals and expectations, including persuasion, purchase intent, category norms, earned media, and social engagement. The brand’s Facebook post in favor of marriage equality also generated a tremendously positive consumer response and the most new page likes in a single day.

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Client Feedback
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From #HowWeFamily’s conception through its execution, Target 10 has been an invaluable partner in ensuring that our inclusive communications were diverse, representative, and activated with the right insights and sensibility. Armed with niche expertise backed by years of general market experience, T10 always provides on point counsel for both the LGBTQ+ aspects of our campaign and the initiative as a whole. As we evolve to the next generation of #HWF, Target 10 continues to be an integral part of the Tylenol team.

Manoj Raghunandanan

Vice President of Marketing McNeil Consumer Healthcare/Johnson & Johnson